How to Troubleshoot your Faulty Cloth Dryer

How to Troubleshoot your Faulty Cloth Dryer

Suddenly, it can put yourself into a big problem. If you will not realize the problem in time, it more difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot. A cloth dryer has a lot of electrical components that can fail or stop work anytime. Some components are easy to repair on your own, but some components require the help of an appliance repair professional.

Unexpected things happen anytime in our life. The faulty cloth dryer is one of them. It happens due to overloaded of wet clothes. If this happen to you, don’t worry, here are some effective tips. You can follow these appliances repair tips and save your hard earned money and time.

1.Check the power: No matter which type of dryer you have. Whether it is an electronic dryer or a gas dryer, it has to plug into a wall outlet. If a dryer creates a problem while you run it, first check the power. See, it is plugged into a wall outlet or not. Sometimes it becomes loose, so you can reset the plug.

2.Cleaning the dryer: Except drying clothes, a dryer also removes lint. This fuzzy material can cause several problems such as clogs vent, block lint dryer traps and much more. Lint can also stuck in the track of the drum rollers. A clogged vent is resulting poor clothes dry or sometimes it is not drying.

3.Thermal fuse: Every dryer mounted with a thermal fuse to prevent overheating. Thermal fuses are heat sensitive and when the temperature becomes too hot, it blows. The size of a thermal fuse is about an inch and it is embedded in a white plastic housing. If it blows, you need to open the back panel of a dryer to diagnose the problem. It is not difficult to replace it. You can change it easily, if you have enough knowledge.

4.Servicing the door gasket: The door of your cloth dryer is sealed with a gasket. A gasket helps to keep the hot air inside the dryer. A damaged or broken gasket does not allow the dryer to dry your wet clothes. Check the gasket properly, if you found any tear and wear problem, you should replace it with a new one of the same type.

5.Check the motor: If you dryer stop works in an odd time and you don’t have an ample to call a professional, remove the front panel of your dryer and check the motor. Diagnose it very carefully to ensure it is still in proper working condition. If a belt out of place, refit it correctly.

A dryer that does not dry your clothes needs a repair service. To keep your cloth dryer in proper working condition, it is advisable that you maintain it like other house appliances. If you have a major problem with it, you can contact Appliance Repair Oakville. We will help you to fix the problem.