Five tips to increase your refrigerator’s life

Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator is the most important appliance in your house that runs twenty four hours continuously. That’s why they need to be properly maintained in order to get a longer life. Checking and maintaining your refrigerator on a regular basis can help to reduce the repair cost and provide a long lifespan. A fridge is not a cheap appliance. You spend thousands of dollars on it. For your long term investment, it is crucial to give an attention to the maintenance of your electric appliance.

If you have any kind of problem with your fridge, you should make a call to appliance repair professional.

1.Protect your refrigerator from high heat sources: In order to keep your food items cool, make sure your fridge far from microwave, gas, stove and dishwasher. It is also important to keep the fridge out of direct sunlight. Otherwise, it causes various problems. It not only cause your refrigerator to work harder, in fact, it wastes lots of energy and reduce the life of it.

2.Check and clean condenser coils: Dusty condenser coils are not good for your freezer’s health. Condenser coils are responsible to keep your food cool. It helps to maintain internal cooling temperature. Over time, it builds up dust and debris. Vacuum coils properly to remove the dust and debris from it. Before vacuuming, make sure you unplugged the appliance. If no, you may accidentally cause an electric shock.

3.Keep the door closed: It does not matter which type of fridge you have, it is crucial to keep the door close properly. Standing in front of an open freezer for a long time can affect your electricity bill. If you open it more than five minutes, the cool air escape from it.

4.Organize your refrigerator: When you organize things in proper order, the things are easy to find and pick inside of your refrigerator. Due to this, you can spend very less possible time in front of the fridge. Remove the clutter and waste food from it.

5.Check the gasket of the door: Gasket on the refrigerator’s door function of keeping the cold air inside and warm air outside. It should be checked on a regular basis for cracks and wear and tear. If you suspect any sign of crack or wear and tear, then it will need to be replaced. You can clean a dusty gasket with a mixture of soap and water.

Maintaining the refrigerator is not at the top of every homeowner’s to do list, but you can spend a minimum your thirty minutes after every fifteen days. Keeping it free of dust to help increase the life of your fridge. If you are facing any problem with your freezer or other home appliances, you can make a call to Appliance Repair Oakville.